Sedrick & Liselle

30th December 2023

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Sedrick Pires

Sedrick, lovingly called “Sed” or “Seddy Bear” is the only child of Carlos & Belinda. Also, as a Senior Software Engineer at FleetOps, Canada he shares his deep passion for coding & web development with Liselle. Sed loves to explore & try out new things – gadgets & peculiar equipment, cooking, hiking, & traveling. He has a penchant for discovering unique, & fancy tools that you'd never hear of! Sweet, loving & always obliging, saying “no'' is something he struggles with! Being tech-savvy, he is passionate about developing websites, software, & gaming, & enjoys fixing problems. He even writes his own computer code to simplify life’s routine problems like customizing grocery shopping, retrieving bus timings, & acquiring unavailable appointments. Besides working as this talented & in-demand software developer in Goa, he was well-loved as an Assistant Professor in BSc Computer Science at Chowgule College & a valuable BoS member during that time. Inspired by Gordan Ramsey Sed will captivate you with his restaurant-style home-cooked food that includes exquisite cuisines from Goan, Indian, Italian, & Vietnamese, to Korean, Greek, Mongolian, & much more. Experimenting with cocktails, shopping at Amazon, & venturing into picturesque places for some incredible life experiences are some of his other favorite things.

Liselle D'Costa

Liselle, lovingly called “Lizzy” or just “Lis” is a Senior Software Engineer & Team Lead at FleetOps, Canada. While in Goa, aside from working as a freelance software developer, she was an Assistant professor & a member of the Board of Studies (BoS) at Chowgule College for the BSc Computer Science course with Sedrick. She is Pascoal & Ava’s loving daughter. Her sister Lee-Anne is married to Blain. Lizzy’s friends & family mean the world to her! She’d jump heaps & loops to protect those she loves & stand by them no matter what! Besides coding & web development, she loves traveling, exploring new places, & spending time with those close to her heart. She talks as fast as she thinks & can amuse you with her unusual wit & spirited humor! Blessed with the unique gift of solving complex problems, she seems to have the best solutions to the world’s worst problems. Behind her tough exterior is her super-sensitive inner self. A perfect mix of soft & tough, kind & compassionate, she is beautiful inside out! Lis loves animals, & at one point she practically had a zoo at home with her cat, dog, terrapin, squirrel, parrot, fish & birds, all living under one roof. All those who know her well will see her as being a house cat (too attached to her folks & home), an excellent driver, a loving daughter & a faithful friend.

Our Story

Our extraordinary love story

Every love story is special but this one? – It’s baffling, unique, exciting, extraordinary, and so many things that lead one to believe it is A MIRACLE!

If you ask anyone about Sedrick and Liselle they’ll tell you that they aren’t a typical romantic couple. With a remarkable vibe, one that instantaneously clicks together, unlike any other – a culmination of many things that resulted in the miracle of the both of them coming together.

Here’s the unusual back story of how Sedrick and Liselle got together and how they just knew that THEY WERE MEANT TO BE!

They say, “Marriages are made in heaven”, even for all those who don’t believe, just read this incredible story to soak in the reality of how miracles actually happen…

The Colliding Of Two Worlds

June 2012

The very start – unassuming, accidental, and coincidental but the best that could happen was the colliding of two separate worlds. MSc IT, that’s how it started! At this point, neither of the two had any inclination that their lives would change forever post-MSc. And change for their very best. Sedrick was a year senior in BCA, not knowing Liselle, and there wouldn’t be Sed-Lis if that continued. They got to know each other while they were studying MSc IT but the fact that they met in college was the start of their splendiferous miracle. Sedrick being a year senior would have been a year ahead of Liselle but he completed a PGDCA course before enrolling for MSc, and that’s how they both ended up being together in the same MSc class. On the other hand, Liselle was set to pursue MCA in Belgaum and was admitted to begin her course but she made the sudden, unexpected decision of revoking her admission and enrolling in MSc IT (And, we can’t thank God enough for that!). While her decision of pursuing an MSc in IT was more for personal reasons of being ‘too attached’ to her home and family, it worked in the favor of their miracle. Enrolling in the course wasn’t enough, they had to know each other, and befriending each other took a few months of ‘friendship,’ and ‘understanding’ that they have a lot in common. Once they realized that they were pretty much the same in many ways – that was the basis for their acquaintanceship transforming into a perfect friendship. And that’s how their first chapter began.

A Friendship Like No Other

As time went by they realized that they could trust each other more. The same morals, values, backgrounds, and eagerness to learn made them popular in class, especially with their teachers. With a lot of that came a lot of other challenges but having each other’s backs made the world of a difference. And soon they began studying together, and learning from each other which brought them closer. The frequent visits to each other’s homes and sharing of secrets slowly began. Their families loved this new friendship and both families gradually drew closer and closer. Their friendship grew more profound with each passing year. Finding that precious friendship in the company of each other became the biggest blessing.

Working Their Way Up

June 2014 - Now

College life was challenging but they focused on learning as much as they could. Getting their degrees, and graduating from college became their main goals. The obstacles they faced together only made them stronger and brought them closer. Fortunate and blessed as they could be, coding became a common language and they motivated each other to study, learn and grow as much as they could. After much hard work and struggles at college they were over the moon with their top University ranks. As quoted by Conan O’Brien – “Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.” That’s precisely what did happen as they worked their way up to success not only with hard work but with patience, humility, and lots of kindness.

From Classmates to Colleagues

Graduating from college was a huge relief which meant they were ready to plunge into the world of the unknown with confidence and grace. The search for work began. At the start, they took on freelancing jobs learning many new skills in the process. Soon enough hard work paid off again – they were both employed by the same company in Panjim, where they were fortunate to learn more challenging IT skills, make some amazing friends, and grow in the process of blossoming in their careers. Working at DCCPER and Numadic was a wonderful experience. And the bonus of transitioning from classmates to colleagues with a pleasing work environment was rewarding – the second chapter of their lives was even more fascinating, thrilling, and fulfilling.

A Sacred Bond

June 2022

Over the years, Sed and Lis have fostered a sacred bond of trust, mutual understanding, and respect that cannot be described in words. Like soulmates who know each other too well not to spend the rest of their lives together. Although they didn’t openly acknowledge this truth for a long time, they each knew in their hearts that they were slowly transitioning into more than ‘just friends’. From studying to working together to migrating to a new country, “together” they’ve accomplished the unimaginable. What’s even more beautiful is that they’ve reached where they stand today on their own merit, and through a lot of hard work and perseverance. In all honesty, neither of them anticipated the blessings they have today. God’s been kind and coming this far in life, having each other is a blessing personified. An amazing friendship, fab jobs, and an enriching life in a new country – that’s a lot that’s happened over the past ten years. With so much in common, and a soulmate-like connection, God worked his miracle of bringing these two wonderful humans together.

The First Big Step

1st January, 2023

Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and although they knew as time passed that they were meant to be, they wanted to achieve the individual goals they’d set before taking the big step. Once the goals were attained and they’d well established themselves they took the ‘big decision’ of plunging into the new unknown. And thus, after ten fruitful years of a fabulous friendship, and accomplishing all they’d set their minds to, it was finally time! Now, they were all set – ready to face the world together!

The first big step of pledging their lives to each other began with their engagement on Jan 1, 2023. Seeing the happiness of family and friends adds to their contentment a zillion fold, providing a glimpse into the future with a reassurance that the ‘best is yet to happen!’